The Bindle

written by: The Texas Roadrunner

In the old days of hoboing, hobos carried their items in what was called bindles. Bindles were bandanas at a size of 42×42 of length and what hobos carried was always different. If I carry bindles I always do it when I have a military long coat. The long coat can be used as a blanket. In my bindle I always carry a change of clothes, three boxes of matches, a water filter, ramen, a jar of peanut butter, a bar of soap, toothpaste and tooth brush and a few good books. The bindle is as simple as it gets and opens your mind for more opportunities to be creative. I do hope bindles become more of a thing again, both for nostalgia and for tradition.

The Texas Roadrunner

The Texas Roadrunner’s EDC video from You Tube. 

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