1. POLICE BRUTALITY in Mount Vernon, Missouri

    “You know at one point even as a hobo I use to be a big fan of Law Enforcement. As time went by my support goes down and down and down. Two days ago as I’m writing this we was assaulted by a Mt Vernon Missouri police officer for not…

  2. Monikers Volume 8

    Collection of traditional boxcar art shot along the banks of the Arkansas River. 

  3. 7Artisans Fish Eye Lens Review

    The need for a decent fish eye lens in street photography or trackside is crucial. The 7artisans 7.5mm/f 2.8 fisheye lens weights in at 265g, focuses from .15m to infinity with a 190° viewing angle. It came packaged nice, the all metal construction feels solid and smooth, and they include…

  4. Whiskey Texas Issue 7

    It’s been over seven years since Whiskey has put out a zine. So when I heard he was about to drop issue 7 I had to get my hands on one. Spoiler alert, it was worth the wait. 72 pages (6 full color) of stories, travel, trains, art, and monikers…

  5. Monikers Volume 7

    Collection of traditional boxcar art shot in Rogers, Arkansas. 

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