1. Mahayana Temple, NYC

    06 Dec 2022
    Mahayana Buddhist Temple in Chinatown, NYC. Below are pictures from the temple along with a fortune I got for a $1.00 donation. 

  2. Dancer Interview

    30 Nov 2022
    DH: You’ve been making YouTube videos since December 2019. What made you decide to start documenting your adventures? D: Got sick of living scared and wanted to create art and this was my way of creating it. Exploring and documenting. DH: How long have you been riding…

  3. Jeremy Novy Interview

    24 Nov 2022
    DH: You’ve been doing street art for over two decades, what inspired you to start and what keeps you going?   JN: It was new. There weren’t YouTube videos showing you how to make a stencil, or even art shows dedicated completely to stencil art. I found a joy…

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