1. Welcome to the Jungle

    ***DISCLAIMER DO NOT GO INTO ANYONES CAMP UNANNOUNCED OR UNINVITED***  The following images were taken while documenting traditional box car art along a stretch of track near the Arkansas River. I could see smoke rising through the trees and smell meat cooking as I walked down the tracks searching for…

  2. Jason Jones

    Jason Jones mural in Fort Smith, Arkansas 2023.

  3. Monikers Volume 4

    Collection of traditional boxcar art shot while traveling from Arkansas to East Texas.

  4. The Pork Highway

    Located 30 miles south of San Juan, Puerto Rico along route 184 you’ll find Lechonera Los Pinos. This is the spot Anthony Bourdain ate when he visited the island. It’s almost savage the way they chop chunks of meat from whole hogs with machetes while 5 gallon buckets of blood…

  5. Tyson Foods Protest

    The following photos were shot on 04/10/2023 at Tyson Foods in Van Buren, Arkansas. Close to 100 employees went on strike to protest for workers rights. On May 12, 2023 the plant will permanently close and over 900 will be without jobs. Hourly employees who stay on until the end…

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