1. Monikers Volume 13

    Hit the tracks with iPhone SE, a nod to when I first started documenting. The following were shot in Fort Smith, Arkansas. 

  2. BazzMan’s Three Rules for Riding Trains

    BazzMan has ridden over 637 freight trains and was crowned Hobo King in 2021. Here are his three rules to riding.  Rule #1 - Patience There’s a lot of waiting. Rule #2: - Disappointment Expect things to not always go your way. Rule #3: - Trains will be Trains Cats…

  3. Aerosol Assault

    The following images were shot while hunting traditional boxcar art. Spray. Aerosol. Graffiti. Whatever you call it, these are the ones that caught my eye. 

  4. Monikers Volume 12

    Collection of traditional boxcar art shot in Fort Smith, Arkansas with RICOH GR II on January 1st, 2024. 

  5. RayBan Meta Trackside Review

    I’ve never trusted bluetooth devices worn on the head. Anything that uses WiFi, Bluetooth, or admits strong electromagnetic signals scare the hell out of me. Blame Alex Jones, but I’m not ready to replace my tin foil hat with high tech glasses, yet. The following shots were taken using RayBan…

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