1. Monikers Volume 3

    A collection of traditional boxcar art shot in Fort Smith, Arkansas. 

  2. Tommy Tropical Interview

    DH: Whats behind the name Tommy Tropical TT: I wanted a fun, friendly name to go with the playful nature of what I paint when deciding what to go by as a business and on social media. DH: Your art is very colorful and vibrant with an…

  3. My Oldest Herby

    1976 Herby “Poncho” shot in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

  4. Bentonville, Arkansas

    The following shots were taken in downtown Bentonville, Arkansas. 

  5. Cornelius Vango Interview

    DH: You’ve been traveling and squatting on government land for over a decade. When did you start and what made you decide to live this “anarchist outlaw” lifestyle CV: Some people don’t have a choice to live a normal life and I am one of those people. Traveling…

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