1. BazzMan Interview

    DH: How long have you been riding freight trains and what made you want to start riding BM: 11 Years in Counting on traveling “Riding Trains/Rubber Tramping”. What made me want to start riding was losing everything that turned into deep depression. DH: Did someone school you…

  2. Who is Bozo Texino?

    A film by Bill Daniel 

  3. IZK Interview

    DH: I first came across your art in Deep Ellum. A mural of Nolan Ryan clocking Ventura on the side of Wits End, which is now permanently closed. Over the years Deep Ellum has gone from a place you wouldn’t want to be at night to the creative hub…

  4. Steam Train Maury

    The King of the Hobos

  5. Happy Holidays From Digital Hobo

    Originally sent as a Christmas Card to everyone on the Digital Hobo mailing list back in 2011. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.🥂 Original artwork by Boxcar JiEM for DH

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