Gringo Bandido Interview

DH: How long have you been riding the rails?

GB: I haven’t rode in quite some time. It’s been over a decade at least. I was schooled by Ed Haskel. Back then it was just the freedom and adventure of catching out. Seeing the country from a different perspective, one most will never get to see.

DH: Do you have a moniker?

GB: I use to draw a skull wearing a sombrero with a long skinny mustache. At first I just wrote Gringo Bandido under it, then I started writing random phrases that came to mind. The skull was a nod to ICHABOD, the sombrero Herby, and the random phrases CoR. 

DH: Have you ever been to the National Hobo Convention in Britt, Iowa? If so did you ever run for King?

GB: I’ve never been. From what I hear it’s nothing like it use to be. As for Hobo King, it never crossed my mind. I’m a bandido. If I had to guess, I’ve only rode 40, maybe 50 trains tops. 

DH: What made you stop riding? 

GB: Short answer, a woman. I was domesticated. I’ll take air conditioning over hot ass metal any day. Those freight trains get awfully cold in the winter too.

DH: Have you ever schooled anyone?

GB: I schooled a kid years back named Roadrunner. 

DH: You’re a member of the Folklore Brotherhood, can you talk about that?

GB: It’s been years since I’ve seen or talked to any of the members. You’re the first one I’ve had contact with in at least five years. Some passed away (R.I.P. TKK), others dropped off, but there are a few I see keeping it alive like Tex Goth and Lamps. 

DH: Do you have any advice for the younger generation that might want to start riding the rails?

GB: Buy a toy train set instead. It’s much safer and you won’t blow up the yard.

DH: Do you ever miss riding?

GB: At times. I’ll see freights go by and look at monikers to see if I recognize any, or hear the whistle of one high balling through town and get that itch. On occasion I’ll walk the tracks with a chalk stick and throw up a few monikers for old time sake. 

DH: What are the odds Gringo Bandido will ride again? 

GB: A roll of the dice…

DH: Thanks for your time, is there anything you’d like to add?

GB: No.

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