My Setup

When I first started documenting traditional boxcar art (monikers) all I had was an iPhone 4. Over the years my gear has evolved. I no longer own a cellular phone. My bag is a small Peak Design camera cube that houses a Nikon F3P, MD-4 motor drive, Nikkor 85mm AI-S lens w/hood, Nikkor 50mm pancake lens, Peak Design wrist and neck strap, a few rolls of film, lens wipes, and a disposable film camera. I have a Ricoh GRII for sketchy shit and benching freight. I try to shoot mostly film for my documentary street shots and portraits. Occasionally I will grab my GF’s iPhone to take a quick pic and convert it to black and white with a “pushed” feel. I always carry a handful of digital hobo stickers to throw up and a few business cards in case I’m caught and hassled (this has worked both trackside and in the streets). The newest addition to my arsenal is a Nikon Z fc with a 16-50mm kit lens. As for website editing and uploading I have a Mac Mini M2 with 30” Apple Cinema Display. For storage I use a 1TB LaCie rugged mini external hard drive.

Nikon Z fc & Nikon F3P

Using Format