POLICE BRUTALITY in Mount Vernon, Missouri

“You know at one point even as a hobo I use to be a big fan of Law Enforcement. As time went by my support goes down and down and down. Two days ago as I’m writing this we was assaulted by a Mt Vernon Missouri police officer for not having ” licenses” for the pups. When I stood in his way he grabbed me by the collar and yelled at me to get out of town . I hit my head on the concrete and received bruising and cuts on my arms and stomach. Sheriffs department and city chief is aware of the situation. I have a video being uploaded as I write this tho might take a minute. We are thankfully out of Mt Vernon and will never return to that town again.”

-The Texas Roadrunner via YouTube

CONTACT Mount Vernon Mayor and Chief of Police HERE .

This aggression will NOT stand, man. 

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