Preacher Interview

DH: I couldn’t go anywhere in NOLA without seeing your moniker. When did you start throwing up street art and what’s behind the name, PREACHER

P: I started marking on things like 20 years ago.. but preacher was born out of a painful relationship I was in where I was doubting and questioning my sanity. I’ve been going hard with this name for about 7 years so far… and it’s here to stay. Behind the name? I stand for the voices too faint to hear. I’m still developing that message… I’m a work in progress.

DH: Your art takes many forms from wheat paste, aerosol, mixed media, fashion, even pop ups in Jackson Square. What sparks your creativity and influences the art you put out?

P: My influences? I don’t really pay attention to most art, but I do pay close attention to art/vandalism/anything new in the immediate public realm. Conceptually, I do draw influence from vandals from my area. Not so much, what I’m painting .. but how or why I’m painting. These ideals are what keep you addicted.

DH: A lot of artists seem to be going over others works lately. How do you feel about this and how do you combat it?

P: For me, it’s all an aesthetic. Yes beef occurs; but I don’t get bogged down in that. Other “artists” who put in les time on the streets, have more time on the computer; more time for beef. It’s like Wagners says, you can’t beat my meat.

DH: Any advice for people traveling to NOLA for the first time who want to see and experience the art scene and culture?

P: Advice for people traveling to New Orleans ? Make your own tour, avoid the generic. Reach out your favorite artist to take you out on the town, Enrich our city, enter twine yourself .. you only get out what you put in , so come correct!

DH: With so much creativity in the city, what inspires you to stay up and relevant?

P: Inspiration? The adrenaline derived from is a great alternative to substance abuse and misuse. However they also go hand in hand for some.

DH: You did a mural in Memphis dedicated to DJ Paul KOM of three six mafia. How has music influenced your art over the years? Name three songs on your current playlist. 

P: Yes 36mafia has been the soundtrack to My life. Sippin on syrup before I had a mustache. Nothing but love for Memphis! Shout out DJ Paul KOM! After my car stereo got stolen around 7 years ago, music took a big step out of my life to be honest. That’s not to say I don’t bump when I get a chance. When I do large scale murals, please believe I am listening to music the whole time. My playlist? Don’t have any playlists but if I was to go to YouTube, I’d type in: DJ Paul - Hollywood Nights.

DH: Speaking of music, if you could only save the catalog of one of the following artists and the others work would be lost to history who you got? MF DOOM, WU-TANG CLAN, or KANYE WEST? Why?

P: Id select wutang to save Doom and they could leave Kanye to be lost to history. Creation is just like building civilizations, it takes 1 to invent it and then others copy it. Who wants to listen to a copy cat?

DH: I’ve seen 3D printing and other forms of art teased on your instagram. What does the future hold for PREACHER?

P: The future of Preacher hasn’t yet been written, but I want to get into some animation projects. Some Stop motion. Do Some be hit video productions and just try and go higher and Bigger this year. It’s already happening.

DH: Any advice for up and coming artists that want to make a name for themselves in the streets? 

P: If you want to make a name for yourself… let your work speak for it’s self. Don’t supplement with bullshit aggression or stupidity por favor.

DH: Thanks for your time, is there anything else you’d like to add?

P: Thank you for your questions.

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