Dancer Interview

DH: You’ve been making YouTube videos since December 2019. What made you decide to start documenting your adventures?

D: Got sick of living scared and wanted to create art and this was my way of creating it. Exploring and documenting.

DH: How long have you been riding freight trains and what was it like catching out for the first time? 

D: 5 years now. First time was a rush, it was immaculate how powerful it felt under me.

DH: Your videos are like subway surfer meets urban spelunking with a hint of assassins creed. Was there someone who influenced your style?

D: Stobe the Hobo, Ranoutonarail.

DH: If you only had 10 minutes to pack a bag for your next adventure what would you take?

D: GoPro, water, clothes.

DH: Coolest or Creepiest place you’ve ever camped out?

D: An elevator.

DH: What sparks your creativity when it comes to new video content?

D: People enjoying it and watching them. 

DH: What gear do you currently use for filming and editing your videos?

D: GoPro and computer.

DH: Any advice for people who watch your videos and get a wild hair to hop a freight train or explore abandoned places?

D: My advice would be not to do it. But if you must there are 2 rules. Don’t die and don’t get caught.

DH: You’ve seen and experienced a lot of cool places most people never will, how has that changed your outlook on life?

D: I believe that I have a duty to document what I do and share it. To preserve a community that is disappearing and to show the beauty of the world, I want people to know that they have no limitations and that a lot of laws can be stretched warped and you can travel for free and see things not alot of people get to see.

DH: Thanks for your time, is there anything else you’d like to add?

D: I believe this world is borderless, you truly can do anything you want in this life. You can make a living doing what you love. You just need friends or the like mind and a vision inside you.

Photo Credit: @dancerco on Instagram

Photo Credit: @dancerco on Instagram

Photo Credit: @dancerco on Instagram

Photo Credit: @dancerco on Instagram

Photo Credit: @dancerco on Instagram

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