BazzMan Interview

DH: How long have you been riding freight trains and what made you want to start riding?

BM: 11 Years in Counting on traveling “Riding Trains/Rubber Tramping”. What made me want to start riding was losing everything that turned into deep depression.

DH: Did someone school you on how to ride or was it just something you learned through trial and error?

BM: I wasn’t schooled at first. Been on well over 40 trains and rode with bff C. Anthony Howell before I met my train dad Joey Morgan who taught me everything including safety. Told me to quit riding suicide. Then I met train God Shoestring Mark Nichols 10 years ago in Shreveport and he showed me how he keeps tab and doing YouTube. He inspired me to keep count of my trains. So trial and error, then education then inspiration.

DH: Do you have a moniker you draw on box cars?

BM: No and No. No moniker my name is Bazz. Melissa Brown graduated me to BazzMan and that’s as far as that goes. No I don’t draw my name on trains. I ride them….

DH: In 2021 you were crowned the youngest Hobo King. What was that experience like and has it changed the way fellow travelers treat you?

BM: I didn’t want to be crowned. I want respect to my tracks. I was rooting for Shoestring because he deserved it way way more. We both already know this… However he’s not about getting all up in people faces and giving speeches. And I be Hot Damn I see another crown that connects itself to the tracks without someone like me or Shoestring there to say Hobos ride Trains! So yeah I’m practically number 2 on trains and no one that I know of can match me with proof. Besides maybe Shoestring.

DH: You’ve traveled all over the United States and have seen views many will never get to experience. Is there a specific ride or place that you’ll always remember?

BM: Well too many to count to separate to hold. Lot of the time it’s either who I’m sharing the experience with that means the most to me. So unable to elaborate further.

DH: Do you believe in extraterrestrial life and have you ever seen a UFO? If so, please tell. If not, what is the strangest thing you’ve seen while riding?

BM: I believe in Everything and Nothing at all. To elaborate… I believe to keep an open heart and open mind. I believe extraterrestrials got better things to do than waste their time with Earth. If I was currently flying extraterrestrial, I sure as hell wouldn’t come to this shyt azz planet. However I seen Angels and beings that doesn’t need much form for visitation. Beings that’s wasn’t from here that are now marveled by this Planet that’s not worth a damn.

DH: What are three items you never travel without? 

BM: Cellphone, water, sleeping bag/tarp.

DH: Do you have any advice for the younger generation that might be thinking of riding trains?

BM: To the younger generation, lean not to your own understanding. Respect the path set before you and treat everything like if you were everything. Places like if you’re that place. Things like if you’re that thing. Most importantly people as if you’re that person. Never done listening and learning.

DH: You’ve road over 500 freight trains, traveled the country, and became Hobo King. What’s next for Bazzman?

BM: 599 trains to be exact. Me I am a Earthly Angel who got my Angel Wings waiting once I die due to Karmanic Salvation. I am currently continuing my Path of being a lightworker, kindhearted messenger, hero to family and healer to be believer. A on-site resurrection expert and most importantly a unconditional love unconditionally demonstrater.

DH: Thanks for your time. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

BMDon’t just believe me although I speak no lie. Just watch because this isn’t the end just yet for me.

Photo Credit: BazzMan

Photo Credit: BazzMan

Photo Credit: BazzMan

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